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#1 2019-11-18 20:55:30

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Known Issues for BETA 0.0.5

We know (and working on) that;
- We have overall performance issues
- Lyrics, some times doesn't show last lines properly and resizing is slow.
- Chords, in/on the lyrics is not ready yet.
- Sometimes song names on the sequencer looks not right, needs to scroll up/down
- Changing audio source cause app crash (plug/unplug headphone, mic. audio interface etc.).  ->Reported 03/12/2019
- Sometimes when app launches, after tapping ACT button, it looks like playing but not. Restart application to resolve.

All will be done in time.
Don't hesitate to contact us for exchanging your experiences, this will help to improve Stage Master app.

For this release 0.0.5; Transfer some music and enjoy. Don't bother to searching for bugs yet.
Just give your first impression about the app on this forum.

Stage Master app team

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