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#1 2021-02-10 14:52:16

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Change Log in BETA 0.5.0

BETA version 0.5.0

Release date 14/02/2021


+ New: In-App Purchase and subscription methods are added. (It is not available for BETA release, on BETA all features are active)
+ New: Unplayable song parts (because of unknown BPM information or without selected clip in it) are indicated with different icons. The sequencer will skip these parts.
+ Improved: Main menu was closing only with close button, now it can close by tapping anywhere on the screen.
+ Changed: Correction of a logic: During a play, when the next song part is selected (automatically or manually) after STOP song was selecting the next part as the current part. This was causing difficulty if we are in Marker/Editor. Now Stop is not moving to the next selected part in audio mixer mode, but lyrics mode.
+ Fixed: Adding a part was showing "First select a song" alert even a song selected until a part selected.
+ Fixed: Action button was indicating "LOOP"  on the parts set as un-loopable parts. (it wasn't looping but visually, it was misleading)
+ Fixed: Renamed MIDI clip was looking like unselected.
+ Fixed: Deleted MIDI channel was keep playing last selected clip. (until reload the song)
+ Fixed: Select/Unselect MIDI clip wasn't stopping midi control messages immediately.
+ Code cleaning for App Store release.

(i) Next Beta release 0.6.0 will address a big code and database cleaning. You will have to do a fresh instal (uninstall 0.5.0 and install 0.6.0)

(ii) Known issue: We want to keep minimum coverage iOS10.3 but this release is not working on iOS10 related old devices like iPhone 5, 5c, iPad1. We may fix it for the next release.


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