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Change Log in BETA 0.4.0

BETA version 0.4.0

Release date 24/01/2021

** This is a major release, you may need to uninstall the previous version before installing this version. In order to prevent startup crashes and/or not playing previously made song. **

Improved, Changed

+ Audio Mixer and play structure renewed top to bottom.
+ Channel add/remove/delete management is moved into channel settings popup.
+ Deactivating clip is now with tapping right side of the selected clip (On a little "X" icon).
+ Plug/unplug audio interface/headphone is sometimes leading crash, now it is very stable.
+ Sometimes sequencer was not stopping at the last part and looping, fixed.
+ In Midi editor, Midi control send button was not sending last edited message, fixed.
+ Song lyrics selected part could be wrong after reordering parts, fixed.
+ In some cases song export was increasing the project size, fixed.
+ Many more stability improvements and fixes.

Known issue: We want to keep minimum coverage iOS10.3 but this release is not working on iOS10 related old devices like iPhone 5, 5c, iPad1. We may fix it for the next release.


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