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Change Log in BETA 0.0.6

BETA version 0.0.6

Release date 11/02/2019

Fixed + Improved
+ 3 minutes audio limits and related crashes fixed.
+ Audio/MIDI Modifier popup, "SAVE" button removed. Now closing the popup window confirming the "Save" action if necessary.
+ External Controller Add/Remove menu removed. 2 (default) + 4 (empty) = 6 assignable controls added.
+ Flow view UI related issues fixed.
+ Channel Add/Delete/Reorder related crash fixed.
+ Channel Delete/Reorder actions separated in tool menu. Now there are 2 dedicated buttons for each action.
+ Song lyrics view improved. Now it is faster and better auto resizing.
+ Selecting another song's part (while current song playing) was not calculating the original BPM and tempo. Now it is OK.

Unfixed + Improving
- Plug/Unplug headphone still cause app crash.
- Audio engine performance


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