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#1 2020-12-12 13:11:57

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Sine tone

Loving the prospect of this app!

Three questions:

Is there an ETA for a full version 1?

I would love the possibility of a constant sine wave tone (or similar) in order to run two devices in a redundant setup (i’m using PlayAudio 12 /iConnectivity). Is this an possible option?

How do you rate this app on an iOs device vs a MacOs computer, in terms of drop outs/continuity/fail safe?

All the best,


#2 2020-12-30 19:15:04

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Re: Sine tone

Hi thank you for your interest,

A1 - We are working on the last debugging phase. We will release in mid-January 2021 the beta 0.4.0 then we aim to release version 1.0.0 full version mid-February. The first release will be with minimum functionality but just after that, we will add all planned and requested features.

A2 - Sine wave for detecting if the device live? If it so, we can add this feature but before that, we should improve audio device connectivity. The first release will be using only basic default input/outputs. We are targeting adding advanced in-out options (Audiobus) a.s.a.p after release.

A3 - Stage Master concept is about prioritising freedom for musicians, "Take your music out of the studio" in your pocket. But it will be available for macOS too after iOS version well settled. "drop-outs / continuity"? Well, the journey is just about starting. We will continue working on no worries.

All the best,


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