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Released on 1st May 2021



Audience does NOT want to see a musician stuck behind a computer. Stage Master enables musicians to play songs prepared in DAW or home studio. You just need your iPhone or iPad to use Stage Master. 

Audio, Lyrics, Chords Together

Stage Master will keep your entire repertoire together. You can arrange your songs in playlists, arrange the song with song parts, sync the lyrics and chord with song parts.

Hands-FREE Playing

Because Stage Master knows your sound structure (preplanned sequence), you are free to play / sing / perform hands-FREE! Assign only one *ACTION* button or more to your MIDI/Bluetooth controller. Loop and improvise on the song. Stage Master will follow you.

Improvise On Stage

Stage Master enables you to improvise on your pre-sequenced samples and loop them on the fly! It combines the workflow of sequencers / loopers. Unlike rigid sequencers on the market, Stage Master provides incomparable flexibility. It enables you to perform without messing up the flow of the song.

Version History

Beta Release

Stage Master App Logo
Released on 07/07/2021
+ Play progress indicator added 


Beta Release

Stage Master App Logo
Released on 01/06/2021
+ Sequencer related bug fix.
+ Introducing new feature: Song creation from templates 


App Store Release

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Released on 19/05/2021
 + Sequencer renewed: Now selected part auto-scrolling. Selected next part is more visible with animated doted frame. Part selections are more fluid and optimised.
+ Song Order renewed: Now we can select song in Song Order mode and see the song info directly on the side. 
+ Playlist renewed: We have added Smart Lists above your custom playlists. Smart Lists are showing song ordered by title (A-Z, Z-A) and  creation date.
+ Song Library renewed: Now it is responding faster to long list.


App Store Release

Stage Master App Logo
The First App Store Release
The journey is just about starting. After the first release and feedback from users we will add more features.


First public BETA release.
Transfer some music and enjoy. Debugging is not required at this stage.

Join BETA Tester

We recommend that all users join the BETA tester. 

Even though the "Stage Master" is released. We keep testing new features on a separate app, "Stage Master Beta". This will allow you to see and try new functionality and changes early, without interrupting your original "Stage Master" app. You can run the Beta and Original version of Stage Master on the same device without any conflict.
Join BETA Testing
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